Weather information for Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire

The weather section of the site shows detailed weather information for Letchworth. The data is collected using a Davis Vantage Pro 2 wireless weather station, processed by wview on a Linux server and then stored in a MySQL database on this site.

The weather satellite images are received by a R2ZX receiver connected to a turnstile antenna and processed using the excellent wxtoimg program running in batch mode.


If you are not using it - why not?? It's an excellent alternative to Windows, free, stable, infinitely flexible, open source and full of goodness. It enables me to use low spec hardware, such as the server mentioned above, which Window$ would laugh at. So I guess Linux could be described as green to. Oh, and try and install Windows XP on a computer with a modern SATA hard drive. Linux loves modern hard drives!

My current distribution of choice is Archlinux, which after having tried many others offers the best compromise between a compile-your-own distribution and one that supplies binary packages. I will use the Linux part of the site mainly as a reference for useful tidbits of information.